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Driving School in Iowa City, IA

It is hard to go through life without a driver’s license. Doing so forces you to rely on friends or on unreliable public transportation. If you want to go places without limitations, you will want to take driving lessons at Advance Driver Training LLC so that you can acquire a valid driver’s license.

All you will need to bring is a valid proof of identity in order to be accepted. Our driving school is licensed by the DMV, which means that your driving instructor has met certain legal qualifications in order to assist you.

If you are a first-time teen driver, you will have to complete a driving exam and a driver training course. More experienced drivers or drivers looking to renew their license may simply need to take a driving road test. If only required to take a driving test, it is recommended to attend a teen drivers education class to review driving laws and defensive driving course and techniques. Our professional driving school offers classroom training and behind-the-wheel training.

For the best driving school in Iowa City, IA, contact Advance Driver Training LLC and enroll now!

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